Bye, loser. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll land in the Presidium Lake!

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Get the fuck off of my skycar 2/2

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Get the fuck off of my skycar. 1/2

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am I the only one who really likes Kai leng. I mean, have you seen how hot he is?

The mods of this blog and all 67 of this blog’s followers say hello and no.

Love, Mod W

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He’s probably creeping around Shepard’s apartment on the Citadel.

"Not so fast." "You." "He did warn you not to overstay your welcome."

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"Oh, I can just hear your brow furrowing under that ridiculous visor of yours.”

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Something I did for my layout.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly inspired by rezzydevil's Sweater Effect saga.

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mass effect numbers challenge five enemies: 
kai leng [4/5]

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