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priority: thessia - kai leng

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whoops so this happened

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they say i’m possessed - a mix for a nightmare in black and silver 

i. black skinhead - kanye west | ii. if i had a heart - fever ray | iii. everybody wants to rule the world - lorde | iv. who are you really - mikky ekko | v. we are on fire - cocorosie | vi. in the air tonight - dead space remix | vii. the hand that feeds - nine inch nails | viii. the beast - austra | ix. bones - ms mr | x. zero dark thirty - aesop rock | xi. keep the streets empty for me - fever ray 


couple of fucking losers on shore leave


Remember I will always love you,
Even as I claw your fucking throat away.
But it will end no other way.
It will end no other way.

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