Cosplayer Cobheran, Weekend Atlanta 2012

Construction Details: Topstitching over foam for the legs and the torso, heat formed plates for the abdomen and upper back. Vacuumformed chest, back, knee, shoulder, and arm pieces. Heated formed styrene and vacuformed PETG for the visor. Each of the large screws are individually casted from smooth cast 305 and attached to the body. The pants fabric is custom printed lycra from Fabric On Demand and microsuede sewn together. The waistband has a series of snaps sewn to it that attach to the base of the top, and there is a ring of blind snaps on top of that for the “butt cape” to attach to. The boots are heavily modified with vents cut into them and covers where appropriate. The shoulder guards are made from MDF and craft foam which is bolted to the bodysuit. The collar is foam sandwiched styrene, and the under-shoulder harness is screwed on with 12 screws each.

Personal Thoughts: This costume was a LOT more work than I was expecting! I’m thrilled with how it came out and it’s one of the most comfortable armor costumes I’ve ever made. This costume took everything I knew to make and some things I didn’t know. I used 4 different kinds of needles and broke twice as many sewing it.

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